20 x Antigen Self Test

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  • Box of 20 tests
  • Pack of 40 boxes (800 tests)
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Product description

What is an antigenic test?

An antigenic test is a complementary tool to reduce viral transmission chains. 

The antigen test can be a complement to RT-PCR tests or a non-contamination test in itself. 

The antigen test detects antigens produced by SARS-CoV-2.

The antigenic test can therefore determine whether a person is infected at the time of the antigenic test.

The antigenic test allows the implementation of isolation and contact tracing measures without delay.

The antigen test must be performed by a health professional.

How to use an antigen test?

The antigen test is carried out by a health professional.

The health professional will use the swab included in the antigen test box to take a nasal swab.

Once the nasal swab has been taken, it will be immersed in a solution included in the antigen test box.

A few drops of the solution will then be poured into the test cassette provided in the antigen test box.

After approximately 15 to 30 minutes, the healthcare professional can interpret the result of the antigen test.

Precautions for use : 

The antigen test is a test that can only be performed by a healthcare professional. 

The antigen test is not a self-test to be performed at home.